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Stainless Steel Pipe for Piping

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▨ Stainless Steel Pipe for Piping 


It is used for heat-resisting, corrosion-resisting, and low temperature pipe, such as textile chemistry, pulp and paper, fiber industry, semiconductor, etc. GaonSP produces SCH5 as a core business, contributing to the semiconductor piping business as a front-runner with leading-edge product quality, such as Samsung, LG, Hynix, etc.



Core Technology Reinforcement

Research institute of technology is providing specialized skills for productivity and quality improvement, specially conducting research of new material, new manufacturing skill and process equipment, measurement of welding and automation, etc., including development of new products.

Hereafter, research institute of technology will play a key role of GaonSP Co., Ltd. and try to grow as a research institute of specialized fields of machinery, electricity, and electron related to engineering and sound metal based on accumulated production of researches.

GaonSP Co., Ltd. is continuously researching to develop as a company that has secured the world’s greatest competitiveness, preparing for unpredictable future.